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Signal and Turn


“Sharing God’s love & keeping the community safe, one auto repair at a time. “


I stumbled upon this organization while looking up how to help my mom get repairs done to her car that she couldn't put off anymore.  She doesn't make much and couldn't afford what people were asking for brakes and other little stuff. Jason is an amazing person with a heart of pure gold. I couldn't believe how fast he got the repairs done! He even took extra time out of his day to fix my mom’s muffler that had come completely apart!  He made us so comfortable with friendly conversation! God bless him and his organization!!! I can't thank you guys enough.  My mom is safe to drive her car to and from work now.  For months it was a constant fear every time we had to drive it, because it’s our only vehicle.

Dmitri discovered Mechanics of FAITH through a referral from Change the World RVA (an organization focused on helping youth facing housing insecurity).  Dmitri had purchased a 2003 Toyota Celica to help him get to work and get his parents and older siblings to medical appointments.  He also wanted to be able to visit his Grandmother that lived in Charlottesville.


Dmitri barely made enough to keep the car running and help his family with regular expenses.  He could not afford anything additional for repairs to the car.  Any major repairs would mean the loss of his transportation which would cascade into other problems. 


When a check engine light came on, he took it to be repaired and they wanted to charge him $2000+ to fix the issue (more than the car was worth).  He took it to Jason and it was a $50 part.  The repair only took a couple of hours.  For a young person who felt like the world was against him, it was great to meet “trustworthy people that are there to help.”

A proud veteran that had always done things “right” escaped a troubled marriage and a toxic environment.  He came to Richmond to live with friends.  As a result, James had  to give up his vehicle he had bought a little over a year before. 


James discovered Liberation Veteran Services that wanted to help him get on his feet. James had found a good job that required him to travel on 3 buses over a 2 hour period to get to work.  Liberation's helped him with employment, find a place to live, all that was missing was reliable transportation.  Liberation's connected him with Mechanics of FAITH which was able to provide a 2003 Honda Pilot in clean and excellent shape.  James pays it back by helping to transport other veterans to appointments.  He feels as if he has his dignity back