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Jason Wells

Executive Director

Prior to Jason founding Mechanics of Faith he spent 16 years in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry as a designer, consultant, IT, and other various technical positions.  Jason has spent over 20+ years working and building automotive vehicles as a hobby and in 2019 Jason felt called to take all his skills and knowledge and start Mechanics of Faith.


Jason recently received his Bachelor in Business with a minor in Computer Programming.  Upon completing his Bachelor’s he felt called to attend Seminary School and today is attending Liberty University.  His vision for Mechanics of Faith is to give hope to those who feel lost and are losing hope in the world because they lack transportation.  He also wants to support those who are interest in learning about vehicles and who are interested in a possible career in automotive repair.

Tony Carden

Shop Manager

Prior to Tony joining the team at Mechanics of Faith, he had worked as a mechanics and also was in business for himself as a mechanic.  Tony joined Mechanics of Faith 1.5+ years ago through a multiple friend (Joe Banks) of Jason Wells, he started out just helping around the shop and working to support the ministry. Once Tony joined Mechanics of Faith in a full time role, he quickly began to help mold and grow the organization. 

Tony has recently accepted to role of Shop Manage (Chief of Staff) working to support the community along side the founder Jason Wells, his dedication and belief in the mission of Mechanics of Faith is what lead our founder to bringing Tony on to a role that can help grow the organization. 

"Tony although a man of few words, make a HUGE impact on the community and the future of Mechanics of Faith, I wouldn't want to run this organization with anyone else" Jason Wells

Erika B

Service Manager

Erika makes sure our client is receiving the customer service they deserve. She ensures that individuals are being scheduled accordingly. Outside of Mechancis of Faith Erika enjoys being a mother to her son and spending to with family and friends. 


Our Technicians are lead by our shop manage Tony Carden who has over 20+ years in experience. Many of our Techs are volunteers from other shop helping to support our mission. We also work with local trade schools to bring in 1 and 2nd year student to volunteer and provide support for their community. 

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