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“Sharing God’s love & keeping the community safe, one auto repair at a time. “

Thank you for your support

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What does “Reliable Transportation” mean?
We have all seen the job requirement that asks for reliable transportation. In many
cases an employer does not care about how you get to work as long as you are there
on time, when they need you to work, and ready to work. Your legs, public
transportation, or your own car all qualify. Let’s dive into what “Reliable
Transportation” means to an individual


​What your monetary dollars do?

Because so many cars require unique parts, it is hard for us to carry an inventory. We also do not have storage for multiple parts or supplies in our trailer. When you make a cash donation, you allow us to serve the community by contributing to the local economy, and also help us to serve more by increasing our purchasing power.

“Better health” - In addition, because he did not have transportation, he was limited
to purchasing only groceries he could carry. As a result, he ate a lot of fast food. The
vehicle Mechanics of FAITH gave him allowed him to save money and eat healthier.


“Access to opportunity” – Without reliable transportation, many are limited to only
opportunities along the bus line. This means they are often limited to low wage positions
regardless of skill set. 

“Serving my family” – Often, there is one member of a family that serves the rest.
With one client, a $2,000 repair meant that Dmitri could not get his parents or
siblings to necessary doctor appointments. More important to Dmitri, it meant that
he could visit his grandmother regularly even though she was an
hour away.

“Safety” – Ashley shared that her Mom needed repairs to her car that could not be
put off anymore, like brakes. When Mechanics of
FAITH completed the brake repair, they noticed the muffler had fallen completely off. Mechanics of FAITH also took care of fixing the muffler.  Now everyone feels safer riding around in Mom’s car.

“4 hours of my life” – James, a veteran, had to spend close to 4 hours on public
transportation to accomplish what is now a 20 minute drive.


What does “Reliable         Transportation” mean?

Car Mechanics
Pumping Services
Care Tire

Lift team

 $85 month/ $1,020 year – The lift is what lifts the whole car up. A
commitment of $1,020 yearly will lift the organization up, so that it may provide repair services to those in need.

Gas team

 $60 month/ $720 year – Gas is what makes an engine go. On average, we
invest about $720 in each car we donate to a veterans.
For many, this is the second chance or the “Gas” many people need to get going.

Tire team

 $25 month/ $300 year – Talk about the rubber meeting the road. Safety
is a key component to repairs and maintenance.  An average
brake job costs about $300.

Pit Crew – The pit crew, helps us with all the things we need to
accomplish our ministry: fuel for the truck, gloves, rags, etc. Give any amount above
$10/ month to join the pit crew.

Car Mechanic
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