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Mission Statement
Mechanics of FAITH is a ministry that believes in keeping families safe by offering automotive repair service to those in need. No one should be left without a vehicle to get them to and from their job, doctors' appointments or other needs because of a costly repair bill

Blessings Program

Mechanics of Faith is working with non-profits in the area, to provide automotive repairs to those in need. We hope that no one ever feels that they have to choose between food, medical care, or employment. We also understand the importance of being independent. 

Veterans Program

Our veterans have served our country and to give back Mechanics of FAITH works with local organizations to supply veterans with reliable transportation. 

Because we know that over time those who served our country struggle to get back on their feet and connect with family and the community, we want to help give back independence to our veterans with reliable transportation.

Community Program 

Mechanics of Faith is teaming up with multiple other nonprofit organizations to not only support the community with auto repairs but also to educate more individuals on daily car maintenance.

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