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Our Sponsors

“Sharing God’s love & Keeping the community safe, one auto repair at a time. “

Our Sponsors

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Hanover, Va

Your Sponsorship

By becoming a sponsor, you are showing the community that you care about transportation, and those individual like Dimtri 

who had purchased a 2003 Toyota Celica to help him get to work and get his parents and older siblings to medical appointments.  He also wanted to be able to visit his Grandmother that lived in Charlottesville.


Dmitri barely made enough to keep the car running and help his family with regular expenses.  He could not afford anything additional for repairs to the car.  Any major repairs would mean the loss of his transportation which would cascade into other problems. 


When a check engine light came on, he took it to be repaired and they wanted to charge him $2000+ to fix the issue (more than the car was worth).  He took it to Jason and it was a $50 part.  The repair only took a couple of hours.  For a young person who felt like the world was against him, it was great to meet “trustworthy people that are there to help.”


Special Thank you to those who helped get us started you believed in us day one




Community Program

Our veterans program, which puts veterans who have served this great nation into a vehicle to get them to and from work and appointments. 

Our blessings program where those who qualify can have their repair[s] done by a volunteer 

Our community program helps educate those seeking to learn more about automotive maintenance

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