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Mechanics of FAITH

“Sharing God’s love & keeping the community safe, one auto repair at a time. “

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Community Program
Thru Pop-Up Shops

Our veterans program, which puts veterans who have served this great nation into a vehicle to get them to and from work and appointments. 

Our blessings program where those who qualify can have their repair[s] done by a volunteer with Mechanics of FAITH at no charge, including parts.

You bring us the part[s] and a volunteer with Mechanics of FAITH will do the repair at no charge. We believe that sometimes folks just need a helping hand.

Mechanics of FAITH
Blessing Repair               Veteran Donation

Mission Statement
Mechanics of FAITH is a ministry that believes in keeping families safe by offering automotive repair service to those in need. No one should be left without a vehicle to get them to and from their job, doctors' appointments or other needs because of a costly repair bill

Mechanics of FAITH