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Car Mechanic

Blessings Program

Blessings Program

Mechanics of Faith is working with non-profits in the area, to provide automotive repairs to those in need. We hope that no one ever feels that they have to choose between food, medical care, or employment. We also understand the importance of being independent. 

Current Repairs Offered:

  • Blessing Program “G” 

    • Oil & Filter Change

    • Engine Air Filter

    • Check Engine Light Scan

    • Light Bulbs

  • Blessing Program “I” 

    • Cabin Filters

    • Front Disc Brakes

    • Rear Disc Brakes

  • Blessing Program “V” 

    • Battery

    • Starter

    • Alternator

    • Spark Plugs

    • Front Shock/Strut

    • Rear Shock/Strut

    • Drum Brakes

    • Front Rotors

    • Rear Rotors

    • Sensors

    • Coil Pack (2 each)

  • Blessing Program “E” 

    • Hub Assembly

    • CV Axle

    • Upper Control

    • Lower Control Arm

    • Radiator

    • Water Pump

    • Muffler

    • 2 New Tires

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Our veterans program, which puts veterans who have served this great nation into a vehicle to get them to and from work and appointments. 

6229 Osborne Turnpike, Suite M

Richmond, VA 23231

Community Program

Our community program helps educate those seeking to learn more about automotive maintenance

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